General Membership at RCYC

Now is an excellent time to join the Royal Canadian Yacht Club as we have recently lowered our entrance fees by 50% in all Membership categories as part of our Friends & Family promotion! We’ve put together a list of the reduced fees for your reference, corresponding to your age, and this list can be viewed by clicking here.
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Where friends become family...

During the late spring and summer, Members of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club take refuge from the hectic pace of the city by taking a short launch ride from the downtown core to the relaxing, panoramic shores of our Toronto Island facility, an oasis of calm amid the city chaos. Here, Members of all ages can enjoy sailing, tennis, lawn bowling, children’s programs, and other outdoor activities. 
In addition to our Island Clubhouse, our year-round City Clubhouse is conveniently located at 141 St. George Street, steps from fashionable Yorkville and minutes away from the financial and business districts. In the city, Members can enjoy activities ranging from fine dining, to fitness and sports programs to business and social gatherings.
Family and single memberships are available. Entrance and annual fees are structured according to age, with flexible payment plans are available.
To arrange for a private tour and to obtain further information about general membership, please contact Andrew Birch at at 416.934.4408 or by email at

Serve2Sail is back

We were delighted to bring back our highly successful Serve2Sail program for its second year!  The application season is now closed and will reopen in January next year.  Please contact the Membership department with any questions.
Serve 2 Sail Member Application Form
Serve 2 Sail FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What is required in order to become a Member?

In order to apply for Membership, the Application for Membership (which can be viewed by clicking here) must be completed and returned to the Membership Department accompanied by the following:
  • A deposit cheque for 10% of the applicable entrance fee 
  • A Letter of Interest (click here for a sample)
  • Letters of Reference from a Proposer and a Seconder. Please note that Proposers and Seconders must be voting Members of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club who have been Members for at least two years.
  • A Board Member signature. The Membership Department can help coordinate a meeting with a Board Member.
All Membership documents and forms can be found here:

Once the Application is submitted, how long does the approval process take?

Once the Membership Department receives your completed Application, it is put forth at the Membership Committee Meeting, which takes place on the second Monday of each month. Once your Application is approved by the Membership Committee, it is reviewed by the Board of Directors. Once approved by the Board, you will receive a Membership Package by mail as well as an email inviting you to come have your photo taken for your Membership card.

How is the Food and Beverage minimum calculated?

Members are charged $150.00 each quarter for their Food and Beverage minimum, and this amount must be spent within the time frame given.

How can I sign up for Fitness sections, and are they included in the price of my Membership?

A list of our Sports policies and fees is available in our 2013-14 Sports Book


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Membership Fees
Membership Application Form
Country Application Form
Non-Resident Application Form
Holdover Application Form
Student Application Form
Associate Form
Caregiver Pass Form


Applications for approval

The Membership Committee RECOMMENDED that the following applications for membership in the Royal Canadian Yacht Club be presented to the Board of Directors at its next meeting. 
If a member has any comments regarding the applications, please contact the Membership Director.
The following applications are subject to approval after 15 days of being displayed:

Click here to view applications for approval.